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Hiring a professional

When you need a plumber you research and then contact one or multiple if you need a quote.  After you have your quote you make a decision and commission the work to be done. Same is true for a lawyer, mechanic, or other trades person.  Can you imagine getting three plumbers to come and fix your toilet at the same time?  "First one to fix it gets paid.... "  Do you think anyone would participate?  No it would be bedlam.  So why do home searchers fall into this trap?  "I have a few agents sending me listings and whoever brings me the right deal wins". 

The flaw in this logic is that most transactions are done with homes listed on the MLS.  All agents have access to this info and theoretically are looking at the same houses for your particular situation.  Why is it more efficient to have multiple agents sending you the same information?  What this does accomplish is many half hearted efforts on your behalf resulting in a "hopefully I get lucky" result.  
The same works for mortgages to a degree.  While the chartered banks are limited in their product offerings a broker can open up new possibilities.  However shopping to 3 different mortgage brokers will most likely end up with the same result.  The limiting factor in your mortgage search is your credit position.  Glazing over the details and shopping to many brokers just delays the inevitable.  Sooner or later the whole picture comes to light and your final rate will be presented.  
Moral to the story?  Get connected to a professional and work as a team to get to the end result, your successful closing.  Wasting everyone's time gets you nowhere.  The reality is that if you are unhappy with the efforts of your agent or brokerage in the process of your search then you should make changes.  But trying to get a bunch of people running around in circles will get your no further in the end.  Certainly not any faster than a professionally managed and well organized process.  Remember time is money.  Your time is valuable and so is your agents.  You as a home search client don't pay for the services of a realtor or mortgage broker (until you actually get a mortgage) but working effectively and efficiently benefits everyone especially you.

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