Documents you need when listing.

In preparation for listing your home, you will need to gather the following items:

  A copy of your survey
  A copy of your front door key
  Your most recent annual property tax assessment
  The average cost of utilities (electricity, hydro, water)
  The age of your home
  A list of items you would like to exclude from the sale
  Pictures of seasonal features (i.e. gardens in bloom)
  A list of any easements or right-of-ways
  Receipts and warranties for recent home improvements
  “10 Best Features of Your Home” sheet
  Other relevant information (a list of upgrades, copy of floor plans, builder plans and/or model name)
For condominium owners:
  Maintenance fees and a list of maintenance/fee inclusions
  Parking and locker numbers
  Pass key to the building
  Status Certificate (if available)
  A list of Bylaws and restrictions

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